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    Sinered PTFE packing

    Sinered PTFE packing

    Item: AIFLON 2304
    Description: Sinered PTFE packing
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    Detailed Product Description: Sinered PTFE packing

    Sintered PTFE packing  AIFLON 204 Sintered PTFE Packing Made of sintered,highly stretched PTFE multifilament yarns with thororughly PTFE mperegnation.The packing is then re-impregnated with a mix of PTFE mix during plaiting operation.Good resistance to compression and to extrusion,high structural and cross-sectional density. Style 2304A--made of Lenzing yarn: Style 2300B--made of chinese tarn. AIFLON 2304SC Sintered PTFE Packing with Silicon Rubber Core High etastic silicon rubbner can absorb vibration,to control leadage. Application:Especially suted for high peressure valves,plunger pumps,agitators,mixers etc.and where contamination is not permitted.

    Service Limits

    T 260
    PH 0-14
    V 10m/s

    Rotating 20bar
    Reciprocating 150bar
    Valve 250bar


    Forms of supply:
    Packing Ring R2304

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